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分类: adult 3 wheel bicycle

In simplest terms, this bike is an electrified version of the 2016 Gear of the Year–winning Stumpy FSR 6Fattie, so it should come as no surprise that we loved it. The 530-watt Brose-built motor and 504-watt-hour battery are proprietary to Specialized. Though the system doesn’t have quite the torque of the Bosch, it still has ample power for getting up anything, and a few testers preferred the way it ramped into the speed rather than gunned it. While cruising on flats and rollers, testers with smooth pedal strokes noted a slight choppiness in the power, almost as if it was cutting in and out.

On the other hand, we loved the low profile, with the on-off switch and power-level indicator placed inconspicuously on the side of the down tube and the battery and motor concealed by the oversize bottom bracket. Power comes in three stages—25 percent for Eco, 50 percent for Trail, and 100 percent for Turbo—which you change with two buttons near the power switch. While we like the clean looks, the lack of a handlebar controller makes it tougher to toggle between levels (though the system is customizable via smartphone and compatible with a Garmin Remote). Like the Trek, max assist speed is 20 mph, making the Levo feel very fast. We also found that fit riders preferred riding mostly in Eco mode, which provides just enough boost to take the edge off (and keeps you ahead of most riders) but still provides a workout. On Eco, four hours of rugged trail riding used 60 percent of the battery. 

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moto enduro 

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